Art Solo Exhibits 2020

Visual Journey (August 10,2019) 

Edgar Baesa 1st Solo Exhibit - The works of Andrew Tischler inspired him a lot and challenged to create portraits by using oil painting medium but there are also other artists in the local or international domain that stimulated his mind to venture in different styles and genre. As of the moment he is working on discovering his potentials by joining different events and exhibits headed by his mentor, favorite artist and friend Mr. Harold Gomez who is a renowned Bicolano artist.
The Hand of God´s Masterpiece (December 19, 2019)

Carissa Salceda 1st Solo Exhibit - She started drawing during the time when she stopped schooling due to her sickness (Tourette Syndrome). Carissa likes to paint various subjects. Her motivation is to produce works that people will appreciate and that God will be glorified in all her works.

EVADERE (December 22, 2020)

Niño APOSTOL 1st Solo Exhibit - His artworks is inspired by his daydreams, some background story of his life and the everyday occurrences expressed on canvas.