Our Story

  • Feb. 24, 2015 Loresto Merchandise is a business firmly rooted in a sense of family values. The name itself is derived from the family name and managed by family members who love arts & graphic designing. In our barangay at Sooc Lupi Camarines Sur, where we started our home-based business and accept orders right on our doorstep and online, even though the internet connection is poor & we are far from the city, we are still optimistic and full of hope to try and start the business.

    We believed that in life there is no shortcut to success and through this business, all our ideas become reality. We have a chance to share our skills and talents with the people, helping their special events more memorable and making printing a breeze and cost-worthy.

    We have catered to several outbound private companies, individuals, and different organizations in the past and managed to ship nationwide, even abroad. Our business doesn’t require commercial or storefront to operate. Instead, we started to manage this business from our home office and focus on providing quality products and services. We managed all our transactions over the phone & the Internet without having to leave home.

  • July 8, 2017 When our family moved to the city, we decided to transfer the production slowly to Naga City for good. Because of our customer trust and loyalty, together with our family, we are ready to take a risk for more investment and optimistic in expanding our business in the coming year. We joined the wedding fair to showcase our products and attended exhibits abroad to gain knowledge from the expert’s industry.

    Hongkong Printing and Gift Expo
    Connecting with empowered women
    Naga & Legazpi City Wedding Fair
  • June 12, 2019 Kliventure Gift & Souvenir My dream shop for my family was born at Grand Master Mall. It’s an honor to open our shop to the public, get closer to all our potential clients and business partners.

    One of our programs is to help independent artists to monetize their artworks through printing their design on our merchandise and making ARTfordable to everyone.

    Collaboration with Kintab Artist Group Inc.

    Another one is- affiliation, for anyone who wants to have an extra income and become our referrer. Lastly, is a consignment program for the makers & crafters who materialize their products. We also support other local brands & small businesses.

    Partnership with Karaw Craftventure, Bayong Weavers & other Filipino Designers & Brands

    With our humble beginning, we believed that we understand the needs of individuals, organizations, or private companies. We are glad to create and personalize the product and services they wanted.

  • December 22, 2020 – The ownership was transferred to Regine and she officially owns & currently managing the Kliventure Gift & Souvenir located at Grand Master Mall.

  • September 8, 2020 Kliventure Finland was born a partnered company in Finland owned by Ivy Jill. Import and export trade, wholesale of domestic and foreign consumer goods.

    Kliventure Finland is a digital and international place to buy, sell and market online. We also offer comprehensive branding, graphic design services, event gifts, handmade products, textiles, and more for individuals and companies.

    Photos from Trunk Show Helsinki, Finland
  • January 19, 2021 Kliventure Printing Services New printing hub in the city located at G/F Traders Square Building owned by John Lee.

We have nearly seven years of existence but a decade of experience through outsourcing job and has been a provider in the digital printing services, gifts, souvenirs, corporate giveaways, promotional campaign materials, and designs.

We aim to ensure the best possible service for each of our clients while at the same time providing rates that are fair and competitive. We are looking forward to the opportunity of servicing your needs and stand ready to walk that extra mile to ensure our client’s complete satisfaction at all points of the business transaction process.

It’s our privilege to be everyone’s favorite for their special events and be part of every company’s victory and success. We are very grateful!


Our mission is to execute top-notch customize printing projects and to become the number one choice for any occasion, branding, advertising, and other events for their gift and souvenir.
To support local artists, help local businesses, especially the local product makers.


Our vision is to become a multi-channel trading business not only in the Bicol Region but the entire Philippines.
A digital and physical store to buy, sell and market local products for gift or souvenir.
To create an opportunity to showcase Filipino designs and innovate products that are suitable and can export abroad.


We put our customers at the center of what we do. We value, challenge, and reward both our people and clients. We drive excellent sustainable financial performance and implementing sustainable consumption practices. We want to create a network that would allow product makers and those who would like to buy products to have an accessible marketplace and where we connect artists with the clients.


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