Add text, logo, photo or any artwork to a vast selection of custom products and unique personalized gift for a one-of-a-kind purchase perfect for any occasion.

Here below enlists some of the different products  that you can make use of in case you decided to do business with us; Some of them are ready to checkout thru Shopee online shop.

Custom Product List

  1. Family Shirts-Personalized
  2. Statement Shirts
  3. Nobita Gangster
  4. Frat Shirts
  5. Coated White Mug
  6. Sparkling Mug
  7. Sports Jug
  8. Magic Mug
  9. Clear & Frosted Mug
  10. Glow in the Dark Mug
  11. Sparkling Mug
  12. Neon Mug
  13. Cola Mug
  14. Stainless Mug
  15. Travel Mug
  16. Beer Mug
  17. Mason Jar
  18. Compact Mirror
  19. Acrylic Key Chain
  20. Acrylic Fridge Magnet
  21. Acrylic Name Plate
  22. Acrylic Button Pins/Badge
  23. Metal Button Pins/Badge
  24. Mouse Pad
  25. Rock Photo
  26. Tiles with and w/o Frame
  27. Jigsaw Puzzle: A4 and Framed
  28. Glass Clock
  29. Wood Plaque
  30. Crystal Frame
  31. USB Lighter
  32. Lapel Pins
  33. Throw Pillow
  34. Magic/ Mermaid Pillow
  35. Tassel Pillow
  36. Kiddie Pillow
  37. Tote Bag
  38. Pouch / Pencil Case
  39. Canvass/Katsa String Backpack
  40. Metal Sheet & A4 Frame
  41. Tumbler
  42. Sport Jug
  43. Pill Box
  44. Passport Holder
  45. Power Bank
  46. Nail Cutter
  47. MDF Fridge Magnet
  48. MDF Frame
  49. ID Badge Reel
  50. Plate
  51. Round Fan
  52. Phone Ring Holder
  53. Thermos Bottle
  54. Medal
  55. Pen
  56. Bag Tag
  57. Planner Notebook
  58. Stubby / Bottle Holder
  59. USB/Flash-drive
  60. Metal Business Card
  61. Ribbons
  62. Trucker Hat
  63. Lanyard
  64. Full Print Pouch
  65. Full Print Drawstring Backpack
  66. Full Print Tote Bag

We are ready to serve you and your clients. We trust you will give us the opportunity to prove our efficiency and we look forward to accept your order with in a short time.  You can leave us a comment below for any query and order.

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